Exercise Programs


  1. Personalised for the best results for YOU. GYM247 programs are personalised to your individual history and health goals, so you will get the highest quality advice for YOU.
  2. Our team of qualified health professionals work together and support you to achieve your target in a structured way that works for you.

Programs can be tailored for any level:

  1. Basic Beginners: If you have never been to a gym, don’t worry we can make your first experience stress free and effective.
  2. Beginners: For anyone that is active daily but does not do any structured exercise.
  3. Intermediates: For anyone that has been to a gym before but is not a frequent participant.
  4. Experienced Regular:  For anyone that goes to a gym regularly
  5. Speciality Programs: Pregnancy.  Weight Loss. Weight Gain. Rehabilitation. Sports Specific.
  6. Other: For anyone that does not fit into any of the above categories :]
  7. Papilio Programs:
    Using the latest advanced, non-invasive and effective technologies available, the Papilio System TM is a fantastic way to kick off your healthy life with increased confidence in both your Body and Mind. ONLY 20 minutes in our Papilio cocoon, with your choice of low intensity walk or bike ride and you will be delighted by the results in your body in the areas that matter, your waist, your bottom, hips, thighs and stomach all in as little as 3 weeks. To PRE BOOK your FREE session ask at reception, phone us on 07-3361-8157 or email us.
  8. Nutritional Programs:  We recommend  www.eatmenutrition.com.au.

For appraisal, referral or voucher ask at reception, phone us on 07-3361-8157 or email us. 

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Gym247 Woolloongabba is not exclusively for the super fit, bodybuilder or fitness model clients.

We wants to give you the tools to be able to build the body you want and live a healthy long life.

Judgement Free Zone


We believe 100% that smart training, simple nutrition and commitment are the cornerstones of any successful weight loss or fitness plan

We want you to have the lifestyle you are comfortable with and a body that will ensure a happy and healthy quality of life forever!.

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